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StrongBars Needs Your Help!

Hello everyone.

Some changes are coming to StrongBars Nutrition and we could really use your help. The building where we currently work has been sold and we need to move out on July 31.

We need to find a new commercial space and equipment to continue making the Pure Strength protein bars. Quite possibly the best tasting protein bars in the history of history!

We are asking for donations to find and equip a new commercial space. The bulk of the donations will go towards acquiring new equipment and working tools, so we can continue to produce StrongBars products.

Everyone who donates will receive a gift from StrongBars proportional to their donation amount.

Thank you for being a part of the StrongBars adventure. Now more than ever, we literally couldn't do it without you.

- Phil Armstrong, CEO

StrongBars are DELICIOUS and HEALTHY! Hard to believe they are full of nutritional goodness! The portions are perfect and easy on my stomach. They are my go to snack during my races and long trail runs. Melanie