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StrongBars Nutrition was founded on the belief that life is to be enjoyed, not endured. We want to inspire you to reach new levels of joy and excellence by overcoming self-doubt, taking action, and exceeding your expectations of yourself.

To do that effectively, we have to lead by example.

Our Core Values:

  1. FAMILY FIRST—Our deepest roots and our strongest bonds come from those who are most important to us. People are more important to us than profits, promotions or prestige.
  2. DO WELL, FOR GOOD—Since community so enriches our lives, we are compelled to give back in any way possible. We are dedicated to nourishing our community not only by providing healthy products and inspiration, but by giving charities (local & national) a percentage of our revenue.
  3. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING—With confidence and a positive attitude, we believe that anything is possible.
  4. HEALTH IS WEALTH—This speaks for itself.
  5. FUN—We believe that Life is to Be Enjoyed, not Endured. We are all active participants in our lives. We actively determine the outcomes in our lives and we refuse to watch from the sidelines as our lives happen to us. We confidently bring happiness, joy and freedom to all that we do.
Exciting things are happening at StrongBars Nutrition. Be a part of it!

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