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Frequently Asked Questions

Pure Strength Protein Bars are made with natural, simple and singular ingredients and we use what is generally accepted to be the highest quality protein available - New Zealand whey protein. Also, Pure Strength Protein Bars contain no artificial chemicals or preservatives nor added flavours or colours. Pure, simple and awesome! Finally, Pure Strength Protein Bars are made weekly in small batches so they are guaranteed to be fresh when you receive them!

The Pure Strength bar is certainly a vital tool for elite and casual athletes alike. But its nourishing, activating qualities are helpful to anyone looking for healthy sustenance in our busy lives: workers, parents, students … everyone.

Pure Strength Protein Bars were designed as a supplement to a healthy well-balanced diet. Our belief is that most people do not get enough protein to meet their dietary requirements. So, Pure Strength Protein Bars are a great way to get some extra protein - especially when you are on the go. They are great for before a workout and can provide extra energy during a longer workout like a trail run.

We ship by Canada Post Monday through Friday. Please allow 2-3 business days from the day of shipment.

Pure Strength Protein Bars can be stored in a sealed container on the shelf at room temperature for up to (3) three months. We recommend storing them in the freezer where they can remain for up to six (6) months. The bars have a better texture when they are cold so if you can, keep them in the refrigerator or freezer. I prefer eating Pure Strength Protein Bars while they are still frozen with a hot coffee. Try it and see if you agree!

Not quite. All of the ingredients that we use to make Pure Strength Protein Bars are gluten free however the bars are made in a facility that also processes wheat flour. We take every precaution possible to ensure that our ingredients to not come into contact with any sources of gluten however we are unable to certify that the product is gluten free.

No. Well actually yes and no. Most people who follow a Paleo diet tend to avoid grains such as oats and quinoa as well as whey protein. But most people we know who follow a Paleo diet are more than happy to make an exception for Pure Strength Protein Bars.

Not yet but we are working hard to develop other formulas to suit a wider variety of tastes and diets.

Pure Strength Protein Bars contain whey protein and honey. These two ingredients are generally not considered vegan. We are working hard to formulate a vegan version of the bar using our own blend of vegetable proteins. As soon as it is ready, trust us, you will hear about it!

Absolutely! Check out the ingredient list. Our kids love them.

If ever your order of Pure Strength Protein Bars is not satisfactory, please get in touch with us and we will make it right.

We are always happy to hear from you. Send an email to [email protected] and we will reply as soon as we are finished making the current batch of Pure Strength Protein Bars.