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Phil Armstrong CEO of Strongbars Nutrition

WE PROMISE to inspire you to reach for new levels of joy and excellence in your life. We will then challenge you to continue to seek out all of what brings you joy in this world. To change for the better-whatever that means to you.

Phil Armstrong, CEO

Pure Strength Protein Bars:

Our signature protein bar Pure Strength leads the Strongbars Nutrition product line. We want to inspire you while also offering clean, healthy nutritional supplements that use only high-quality pure protein and simple organic ingredients (with no brackets on the ingredient list).

  • Made with natural, simple, singular ingredients
  • Contains the highest-quality protein available on the planet – New Zealand whey protein
  • Free of artificial chemicals & artificial preservatives
  • No added flavours or colours
  • Download the complete Nutrition Facts here

The Pure Strength bar is certainly a vital tool for elite and casual athletes alike. But its nourishing, activating qualities are helpful to anyone looking for healthy sustenance in our busy lives: workers, parents, students … everyone.

Consumers who choose our products are discerning. They are conscientious about what they put in their bodies. They have been dissatisfied with the 'unnaturalness' of other protein bars. They care about quality, content, and flavour.

The process to develop Pure Strength Protein Bars took over 18 months to complete. We wanted to ensure that every ingredient in the formula provided a specific nutritional benefit that the process to make Pure Strength Protein Bars maximized the nutritional benefits of those ingredients.

Pure Strength Protein Bars are available in packages of 2, 15 and 25 bars. Once you try them, we are confident that you will agree that Pure Strength Protein Bars taste great and are very satisfying.

Pure Strength Protein Bar
Pure Strength Protein Bar ingredient list